Sai Vishram

What guests like about us

  • We like the rustic, simple and practical aspects of the resort.
  • Room tariffs includes beverages, all meals and snacks. Its value for money.
  • It’s much closer than Goa
  • We didn’t miss non veg or alcohol
  • Its nice to see how much native fauna is there in a pesticide free environment
  • We love the privacy, peace and quiet
  • The restaurant and water sports are exclusively meant for resident guests.
  • The fresh juices are so apt and refreshing
  • The absence of TV, mobile reception is a blessing. We actually did things together.

What guests don't like about us

We offer various choices, from charming tents on the beachfront, to luxurious cottages and rooms on a hillock, that offer panoramic vistas of the forest, beach and Arabian Sea. All 26 units have unique views, all witness to an eternity of waves cresting and washing ashore in majestic progression. Our Vegetarian, No-Alcohol policy has always intrigued many, and prompted enquiries on the extent to which it is applicable. We provide our guests with a choice of Non Alcohol serving & Meat Free Property. And to maintain the sanctity of this choice which we are offering our guests, we do not, and will not make any compromises. That said, we are overwhelmed by the response to our concept and policies. We rarely have any attempts or instances of violations. Most of our guests respect us for being forthcoming and proactive and we reciprocate with pure and simple service from the heart.


We offer a unique experience to our guests by ensuring there are no televisions, telephones, calling bells, newspapers or room service. This encourages families to use the room only when it is essential, and spend most of their holiday with each other, and keep busy with fun filled outdoor activities. Our guests can enjoy our complete range of hot, fresh food in our common dining facility, interacting with other like minded guests in an outdoorish, sea facing environment. Our tents, cottages and rooms are air-conditioned, with attached bathrooms, with 24 x 7 hot water and power. Linen, basic toiletries and house keeping services are provided. We even provide laundry services on request. None of our units have televisions, telephones or calling bells. This is our way to assure you complete privacy. For those who prefer their sea breeze au naturel, we recommend our tents and the adjacent mud hut, which have ample window coverage to extract the most ventilation possible, while preserving the splendid view. We also have several non-A/C cottages and step-cottages located a short uphill walk away! Set on a gentle hillside, yet a minute’s walk from the beach, our A/C cottages are unique and each one offers a different take on the tradition coastal architecture. Embellished with several local touches in the form of paintings, murals and objects d’art, your senses will have plenty to feast on!


Our favorite rooms

Features Standard Room Deluxe Room AC Tents Standard Cottage Deluxe Cottage
Tariff ₹12,000/night ₹14,000/night ₹14,000/night ₹14,000/night ₹16,000/night
Size Basic Large Rooms Large Rooms with balcony Large with attached bathroom and backyard Large Rooms with balcony Large Rooms with posh interiors
Sea Facing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sea View Partial Panoramic View Partial Panoramic View Partial Eye Level View Partial Panoramic View Partial Panoramic View
Distance from Beach/Dining 400m 450m 100m 350m 350m
Interiors Simple Posh Simple Simple Posh
Steps Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Suitability for families with Kids Yes Yes Best Yes Yes
Suitability for senior Citizens Moderate Moderate Good Moderate Moderate

Sai Vishram Beach Resort is for families, couples, adventure enthusiasts, water sports enthusiasts, pilgrims, cultural travellers or for the discerning traveller looking for peace and tranquillity. Whichever genre you belong to, you can expect a simple and genuine experience holiday.

Whatever your definition of leisure is, you’re sure to find it here! It’s amazing how timeless this place feels…no schedules to follow, just follow your heart! Ride the waves and surf in our Jet Ski, Banana Boat, Speed Boat; spot Dolphins on our coastal cruise or experience the contrast of the absolute stillness of the Maravanthe Backwaters on the ear splitting Air-Boat ride. Once the adrenaline rush of these water sports have mellowed, there is still more to be savoured. Read a favourite book under a thatched cabana on the satiny sands. Let the waves soothe your psyche. We have specially suited activities for non swimmers



Air Boat


Jet Ski


Banana Boat


Kaya King


Coastal Cruise


Standup Peddle


Kodi Beach Seawalk

Kodi beach here, claimed to be one of the longest beaches in land area, is yet to see operational lighting at its seawalk, built for people to enjoy time at the beach after sunset.

The beach is uncontrollably crowded especially during weekends. It was adopted by the state government after a grant from the center. After which four lifeguards were hired for the protection of visitors on the beach.

Hasta Shilpa, The Heritage Village Museum

Hasta Shilpa Heritage House & Children’s Museum is located at Anant Nagar, 2nd Stage, Manipal, only a couple of kilometres away from the Heritage Village. It is the ‘newest old’ project of Hasta Shilpa Trust, and was the original home of our founder, Vijayanath Shenoy, built by him in the late 1980s. It was his first attempt at setting up an ethnographic museum within his own ‘traditional’ home.

Designed as a courtyard house or chowki mane, this house displayed his eclectic collection of household artefacts such as cooking and storage vessels, tools and implements used in olden times. Built with salvaged material from other derelict structures, this beautiful house is replete with carved wooden pillars and panels.

Mookambika Temple, Kollur

Located by the banks of the river Sauparnika and the lush green Kodachadri hill, this temple holds immense relevance for the devotees as it is associated with revered Hindu saint and Vedic scholar Adi Shankara. It is believed that Adi Shankara himself installed the idol of deity in the temple some 1200 years ago

People have high faith in Mookambika Devi Temple as Goddess Mookambika is regarded as a manifestation of Shakti, Saraswathi and Mahalakshmi. In fact the Temple of Mookambika Devi is one of the 'Seven Muktisthala' pilgrimage sites in Karnataka which are Kollur, Udupi, Subrahmanya, Kumbashi, Koteshwara,Shankaranarayana and Gokarna.

Gokarna & Murudeshwara Temples

King Ravana wanted to attain immortality by obtaining the Atma-Linga (Soul of Shiva). Ravana worshipped Shiva with devotion. Pleased by his prayers, Lord Shiva appeared before him and asked him what he wanted, Ravana requests the AtmaLinga as his boon. Lord Shiva agrees to give him the boon with the condition that it should never be placed on the ground. If it was, all the powers would return to Lord Shiva. Having obtained his boon, Ravana started his journey to Lanka

Sage Narada, realised that with the Atma-Linga, Ravana may obtain immortality and create havoc on earth. He approached the Lord Ganesh and requested him to prevent the Atma-Linga from reaching Lanka. Lord Ganesh knew that Ravana was a very devoted person who used to perform prayer ritual in the evening every day without fail. He came up with a plan to confiscate the Atma-Linga from Ravana

As Ravana was nearing Gokarna, Lord Vishnu blotted out the sun to give the appearance of dusk. Ravana now had to perform his evening rituals but was worried because with the AtmaLinga in his hands, he would not be able to do his rituals. At this time, Lord Ganesh in the disguise of a Brahmin boy accosted him. Ravana requested him to hold the Atma-Linga until he performed his rituals, and asked him not to place it on the ground. Ganesh struck a deal with him saying that he would call Ravana thrice, and if Ravana did not return within that time, he would place the Atma-Linga on the ground.

As predicted, before Ravana could return after completing his rituals, Ganesh had already placed the Atma-Linga on the ground. Vishnu then removed his illusion and it was daylight again. Ravana, realising that he had been tricked, tried to uproot and destroy it. Due to the force exerted by Ravana, some pieces were scattered. One such piece from the head of the linga is said to have fallen in present day Surathkal.The famous Sadashiva temple is said to be built around that piece of linga. Finally, he threw the cloth covering the Atma-Linga to a placed called Murudeshwara.

Sri Krishna Temple, Udupi

Legend has it that once Kanakadasa, a pious worshiper and devotee of Lord Krishna, was not allowed entry into the temple. It didn't upset him; instead it made him pray with intense devotion. Lord Krishna was so pleased that the statue turned back to where Kanakadasa was praying, and the wall before Kanakadasa broke up to allow the disciple to gaze upon his heavenly form at the back of the mutt (monastery).Till today, devotees still worship Lord Krishna by praying through the same window that Kanakadasa was blessed with a view: It is known as Kanakanakhindi.


Idagunji, Ganapathi temple is an ancient temple with a history of more than 1500 years, it is a major tourist attraction in the Karavali coast of Karnataka, attracting over a million devotees every year.This place has got its own name for its beautiful idol of Lord Ganapathi. 'Eda' (Wamnadi) means 'to the left' and 'kunj' means garden.The place thus got its name, as it is located on the left banks of the river Sharawati.This temple is a major piligrim spot which attracts more than 1 million devotees per year. The temple is midway between Gunavanteshwar and Murudeshwar and is 1/2 hr drive from either temple.

The temple is quite big.The Ganesha idol is in a standing posture, with extremely short legs, and a depression on the head.The “Dwibhuja Ganapathy” or two handed Ganesha is holding Modaka and Padma (Lotus) in his hands.The idol is of black stone.


Long ago when this area was hit by drought, sage Agasthya came here to perform yagna to please the rain god. During that time the demon Kumbhasura tried to disrupt the yagna by troubling sages performing the yagna. To rescue the sages Lord Ganesha blessed Bheema, the strongest among the Pandavas(In their exile period) with a sword, using which Bheema killed the demon and facilitated the completion of the yagna. Hence the name Kumbashi! The name Anegudde comes from Aane (elephant) and Gudde (hillock), as it is the abode of the elephant-headed god, Sri Vinayaka.

One of the best known Ganesha temples in Udupi District is that of Shri Maha Ganapathi at Anegudde. Anegudde is one of the seven 'Mukti Sthalas' (Parashurama Kshetra)in coastal Karnataka.

Here, Lord Ganapathi is also called, 'Siddhi Vinakaya' and 'Sarva Siddhi Pradaayaka', the provider of all boons. People come here with all kinds of wishes.The Lord Vinayaka here is said to fulfill all the wishes of his devotees.


Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Temple at Hattiyangadi dates back to 8th century.This temple is in Kundapur Taluk and houses the idol of Lord Vinayak.This historical place is a famous pilgrimage centre for Hindus all around the country.This temple is near the River Varahi. It is the only idol in India where Lord Vinayaka is seen having jata-hair. The idol with 2.5 feet height is made in saligrama stone.

The lord's trunk is bent towards the left. Special poojas are offered to the lord on various occasions.The title Siddhi is bestowed on the lord since he is believed to grant his devotees wish.

Shankaranarayana Temple

"Shankaranarayana" is considered as one of the seven holy places created by Maharshi Parashurama. This is one of the rare temples where we can see the sangam (confluence) of Shankara (Lord Shiva) and Narayana (Lord Vishnu). Shankaranarayana village, named after the temple, is located in the valley of mountain ranges close to the Sahyadris.

The 7 holy places namely Subrahmanya, Udupi, Kumbhakaashi, Koteshwara, Shankaranarayana, Kolluru and Gokarna together constitute Parashurama Kshetra.These holy places are compared with seven holy places in Rama Kshetra, namely, Ayodhya, Mathura, Maya, Kashi, Kanchi, Avanthika and Puri.

The main deity of Shankaranarayana Temple is in the form of Udbhava Linga.The naturally formed lingam of Lord Shankara and Lord Narayana is one feet below the ground, inside the Garbhagudi. The devotees can only see the mirror image of the lingam.The Shankara Linga is on the right (left as seen by the devotees) and Narayana Linga on the left.While Shankara Lingam is in round shape, where as Narayana Linga is a flat one with foot prints of holy cow in it. Devotees believe that these were foot prints of Kamadhenu (holy cow) which had stood here for dripping milk on the Shankara Linga. There is water around Udbhava Linga at any time of the year.

St. Lawrence Shrine or Attur Church, Karkala

St. Lawrence of Karkala is a Roman Catholic church in Karkala. It came into existence in 1759 and has a history of miracles. It is by characterized its Attur Jatre or Attur Fest held in the 3rd week of January.

Placed amidst placid greenery, the Attur-Karkala parish has a rich history with its origin tracing back to 1759. Moreover it is known for its miraculous history. Miracle, history, beauty, social activities, all bundled into one.

Unlike others, the church is a place of worship and belief for all, irrespective of caste and creed. An evidence for universal peace and brotherhood, people from all walks of the society come here to offer their prayers to St Lawrence.

The Prefect of Rome was informed of the riches of the Church, and imagining that the Christians had hidden considerable treasures, he was extremely desirous to secure them. He ordered Lawrence to reveal all the treasures to him. Lawrence went all over the city, seeking out the poor who were supported by the church. He gathered the decrepit, the blind, the lame, the maimed, the lepers, orphans and widows before the Church and placed them in rows, and virgins. He invited the Prefect to come and see the treasures of the Church and conducted him to the place.The Prefect was furious at the sight and threatened Lawrence against such action and asked him to show him the treasures according to his promise. Lawrence explained to him that they were the real riches of the Church.The materialistic Prefect was only insulted and in his rage ordered Lawrence to be put to death in a slow and torturous manner.

Lawrence was stripped, extended, and bound with chains upon a framework over a slow fire. He was broiled little by little. However, his face appeared beautiful, radiating extraordinary light and tranquility even when he was being subjected to the torture. He only prayed for the conversion of the city of Rome and lifted his eyes up towards heaven and breathed his last. Several senators, who were present at his death, were so powerfully moved by his tender piety and his indifference towards the torture inflicted on him, that they became Christians on the spot.These noblemen took up the martyr's body on their shoulders, and gave it an honourable burial at the Basilica of St. Lawrence

The Thousand Pillar Basadi, Moodabidri

The Basadi has two places of sanctity, with the presence of divine power and at these places are two precious statues worth visiting at any cost.“Siddhakoota” is one such place reminding us all, at every moment, of the ultimate day or the moment when we should shed all our earthly achievements when our soul is left as pure as crystal. That is the place of sanctity which is most endearing to our hearts.

Three stages are marked in the construction process of “Thousand Pillar Basadi”. First, the sanctum sanetorum (Garbhagriha) and sukhanaasi were built by the local shravakas in 1430 A.D. where the statue of Chandranatha made of five-alloy-metal (Panchaloha) was installed. At the second stage the Theerthankara Mantapa and the Gaddige Mantapa were built by 60 Shreshtis in 1451 A.D. At the last stage queen Chitradevi of Gerusoppa undertook the construction of Chitradevi Mantapa and Bhairavi built the Bhairadevi Mantapa in 1462. After that Gerusoppa Hirebhairava queen, Nagile got the 50-feet tall, beautifull Manasthambha erected in front of the Basadi. Thus the Basadi took 32 years to build!

Sultan Masjid, Bhatkal

Sultan Masjid, constructed by Tipu Sultan, is a must visit attraction of Bhatkal. Constructed in 1211 HI, the Masjid displays the Dravidian style of architecture. A large number of namazis can be seen at this mosque during the time of prayer.

Jamia Masjid, Bhatkal

By far the biggest mosque in the town, the Jamia Masjid symbolized the culture of the people of Bhatkal. Located amidst old houses on the Jamia Street, this giant imposing mosque has been renovated from the older one.The older one too had undergone two renovations. the earlier mosque, known as Jamia Masjid Qadeem is believed to have been built in 1447 A.D. an inscription in Persian dated 851 Hijri (or 1447 A.D.) found on a marble slab is still preserved. Because of its gold-plated dome the Masjid is locally called the `Chinnadapalli' (Golden mosque).The present Masjid can accommodate about 5,000 namazis at a time.

By Road:

Resort is about 485 Kms from Bangalore. There are several routes to reach resort from Bangalore. The options are:

Option I:Bangalore – Nelamangala – Kunigal – Hasan – Sakaleshpur – Shiradi Ghat – Gundya – B C Road – Mangalore( NH 48) – Udupi – Kundapura – Maravanthe – Byndoor (NH 66/17). From the national highway the resort is about 4 kms. The whole drive is with National Highway.

Option II:Bangalore – Nelamangala – Tumkur – Shimoga – Ayanur – Ripponpet – Hosanagara – Nagara – Kollur – Byndoor. The Roads from Ayanur to Byndoor is State highway with narrow road and less traffic.

Option III:Bangalore – Nelamangala – Kunigal – Hasan – Belur – Chickmagalur – Sringeri – Agumbe Ghat – Someshwara – Halady – Koteshwara – Kundapura – Byndoor. You can visit the famous Sharadamba temple at Sringeri & world famous Agumbe Ghat in this road. The entire journey from Chikmagalur through Western Ghats.

Option IV:Bangalore – Nelamangala – Tumkur – Shimoga – Sagar – Jog Falls – Gerusoppa – Honnavar – Murudeshwar – Bhatkal – Byndoor. In this rout you can visit world famous Jog falls and Sharavathi valley up to Gerusoppa with beautiful forest up to Honnavar. This is about 25kms more than all other routes.

By Bus:There are good number of luxury buses are reaches directly to Byndoor. From the bus stand the resort is just about 4 kms. The resort will organize pick up and drop facility to Byndoor on chargeable basis. There is KSRTC Club class multi axel volvo which is pass through Byndoor towards Murudeshwar. Please book the tickets up to Bhatkal and get down at Byndoor. While going back we can change the boarding to Byndoor. Other private bus operaters are Durgamba Motors, Sri Durgamba Motors, VRL, SRS, Kamath, Sugama Motors etc. They have luxurious Non AC Sitting, Non AC Sleepers, AC Sitting buses which are also come up to Byndoor.

By Air:Jet Airways operate flights to Mangalore, which is the nearest airport, approximately 145 km away; taxis are available to take you to Byndoor. Alternatively, we could arrange for a pick up at competitive rates. Taxi fares are calculated per km, and usually include the return fare. So even if you wish to get yourself dropped at Byndoor, you still must pay for the return fare (i.e. for 290 km).

By Train:There is a day train with chair car from Yeshwanthpur to Byndoor directly. This train available weekly 3 days from Bangalore and 3 days from Byndoor. Monday, Wednesday & Friday from Yeshwanthpur and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from Mookambika Road Byndoor (BYNR).There is a night train which will leave from Yeshwantpur around 8 p.m. to Mangalore every day and reach the respective destinations by 8.30 a.m. the next day via Mysore. The numbers assigned to the trains are 6517 (Yeshwantpur-Mangalore) and 6518 (Mangalore-Yeshwantpur). The trains will have 18 coaches comprising AC, sleeper class and general service coaches. The resort will organize pick up and drop facility to railway station on chargeable basis.

At Sai Vishram Beach Resort - Byndoor , every effort is made to make guests feel comfortable. To do so, the hotel provides the best in services and amenities. Facilities for disabled guests, express check-in/check-out, luggage storage, car park, airport transfer are just a few of the facilities that set Sai Vishram Beach Resort - Byndoor apart from other hotels in the city.