Sai Vishram

A Night in Camping Trailer

Abroad, particularly in US of A, camper vans are used to get off the beaten track, reach out to unexplored destinations, halt at site and then continue the journey to a new destination the next day. Camper vans are motor vehicles with in-built facilities for accommodation (toilet facilities included), overnighting and cooking, and most important of all you can travel as family. Reading all this sounds interesting and thrilling. The uniqueness of such kind of stay always charmed me.

It excited me beyond words when I came to know of such a kind of camping trailer is functional in Karnataka. A new concept of traveling in India! It is open to public for touristy purpose. The only difference being you cannot drive around the camping van and no need to cook too. The camping trailer is driven to different locations, stationed there for some length of time depending on the weather around the place. Right now it is stationed at a scenic location near Harangi Dam backwaters, Kushalnagar, Coorg district. With rains in the coming months, as the level of water in the lake rises the van will drive on to a different location which promises to be equally scenic.

The camping trailer is owned by Sai Vishram, a unit of Akkaya Hospitality Services. Their motto: Enjoy Nature and through it Appreciate the Creator!

As I approached the vehicle, it looked sleek and narrow, and a thought crossed my mind – would it be spacious? Stepping in I saw the dining space and a seating arrangement. With a push of a button these units moved backwards out of the vehicle giving more room space inside. The rooms at both end of the vehicle too pushed out a bit and the whole vehicle looked like an elongated house. A cozy bedroom setup and bunker bed for kids. There were not one but two functional toilets. What more do you need?! There was a place for everything. It must have been a terrific challenge to make the most of the available space. Very well designed, compact and cozy!

Though there are all arrangements for cooking, Sai Vishram had arranged a personal butler for us. I did not have to spend time cooking and that was really a bonus! One important policy strictly followed here is: NO ALCOHOLIC drinks allowed, NO SMOKING and NO NON VEG food allowed. In the evening we sat out to have tea and snacks, a shade spread out over our heads as cover against the light drizzle. The sun slipped down right in front of our eyes, hot tea, crispy pakoras and the family around me, I enjoyed these moments the most. The lunch and dinner spread was too good, felt like being served in a five star hotel. The chef took care of our tastes and prepared the food accordingly.

This camping trailer is perfect for young families of 4 members and ideal for honeymooners too. Right now at this location there is ample opportunity for landscape photography. We drove out in the morning; the stillness all around was soothing. There were some uncommon huge birds searching for food. The places that you can visit from here are: Kushalnagar Town, Hangi Dam, Valnoor Fishing Camp, Chiklihole Dam, Dubare Elephant Camp, Tibetan Monastery.