Sai Vishram

5 Reasons I Loved My Stay At Balkatmane, Ayurvedic Retreat

When I saw its photos online I wasn’t very impressed. I thought its earthy brown exterior looked quite uninviting and I wouldn’t want to stay here for more than a day. Well, I was invited by Sai Vishram folks to spend a few days at a couple of their properties in coastal Karnataka. While I was looking forward to staying at Sai Vishram Beach resort, I wasn’t sure of this one.

Balkatmane Heritage Spa Resort is their other property, where I got to spend one night. BUT, I was totally enamoured by it. I wish my stay had lasted longer. The place that didn’t appeal to me at all in the photos turned out to be so pretty and interesting!

So why did I love it so much –

  • THE ARCHITECTURE, THE ANTIQUES AND THE DECOR - Balkatmane took me back in time – it’s crafted in an old-fashioned way, which is quaintly refreshing. As soon as you enter its main door, you find a swing hung in the middle of the courtyard that entices you for those lazy afternoon naps. And then as you move forward, the elements of old times hide in every corner – the black switches (that I had last seen in my grand-parents’ home), old paintings beautifully framed under the shadow of gorgeous lamps, antique clocks fixed on the patios’ walls and the lovely rocking chairs.
  • The aura of quietness Staying at Balkatmane was like being oblivious of what’s happening in the world. The place is designed in such a way that it soothes you, takes away your burdens and just lets you relax in the calm environment. I can confidently say that it’s one of the best heritage spa resorts in India.
  • The Spa & all the pampering Who wouldn’t love to be pampered? Though I’m not really a spa lover, I enjoyed the experience of just putting my feet up and not thinking anything. I was told by their doctor that the products that they use for the Spa and all the beauty treatments are their own. They don’t use anything from the market. They make beauty products with natural herbs and fruits that work on your skin tenderly.
  • The hospitality and the comfort It is extraordinarily comfortable to be at Balkatmane resort. The hospitality just adds to the experience of staying at a resort like Balkatmane, which is meant to give its guests a time of respite mingled with heritage.
  • The unassuming uniqueness What truly sets Balkatmane apart is its indifference to its own uniqueness. While most plush resorts emanate certain flamboyance, Balkatmane has an air of humility that makes you feel more connected to the place. The earthy brown exterior of Balkatmane that didn’t inspire me in the photos stunned the photographer in me. My job just got easier. Who wouldn’t take nice photos when the settings are so tasteful and classy?
  • Would you like to spend a day at Balkatmane Heritage Spa Resort? Practical Information: Balkatmane Heritage Spa Resort is in Beloor village, Udupi District, Karnataka. It’s around 2 hours drive from the Mangalore airport.